iNinja Poker is dedicated to maintaining an honest and transparent business model and fostering integrity within the industry. This commitment to integrity is very important to us. This is why we promise –

  1. We will never handle player funds. Ever. Prize pools belong in the hands of the players, paid out by the casino where they bought in, on the day they are won.
  2. We will never take money from prize pools. We will be paid as contractually agreed with the venue and we will not take money from prize pools for trophies, promotions, or future events. The prize pool belongs to the players.
  3. We will be vigilant in our attempts to keep rake numbers reasonable and make sure dealers and staff are well compensated for their hard work.
  4. We will pay our bills. Vendors, bloggers, broadcasters, and anyone else who works with us will be paid promptly and completely.
  5. A guarantee is a guarantee. We won’t offer it if we can’t honor it. Plain and simple language.
  6. We do not play our own events and we do not buy players into our events. As much as we would love to be playing with you, we will not even consider dipping our toes into anything that might look unethical.
  7. We will always do everything we can to make sure that venues hosting our events adhere to TDA rules in all tournaments. It will be written into our contracts with venues whenever possible.


The company is solely controlled by Next Level Poker, a Limited Liability Corporation registered in the state of Minnesota and owned by Chris Wallace, Brian Soja, and Jordan Handrich. We are grateful for the contributions Issac Tucker made in creating the tour and his ongoing helpful advice on putting events together, but he no longer has any controlling interest in the company and this will not change. Our legal representation comes from Verstandig Law.

Please feel free to contact with any questions about this page or it’s contents.